Mélange Gamache

Ce mélange est riche en profondeur et en saveur et possède une légère touche d’acidité. Il est corsé, mais délicatement pointu.


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Ce mélange a été créé spécialement pour Mme Louise Penny, car à la «Brûlerie Virgin Hill», nous sommes de grands admirateurs de l’auteure. Nous avons d’abord proposé le mélange pour le plaisir, afin d’inclure celui-ci dans un panier de bienvenue offert à Mme Penny. Nous l’avons aussi servi cet été lors du pré-lancement de «Glass Houses» dans le village de Knowlton au Québec. Nous sommes tellement excités de pouvoir l’offrir à tous les admirateurs de Mme Penny! La particularité de notre mélange Gamache est qu’à chaque sac vendu, nous allons remettre 1 $ au «Yamaska ​​Literacy Council».

Nous avons fait de notre mieux pour que ce mélange représente exactement le formidable personnage de «Armand Gamache». Le mélange est riche en profondeur et en saveur et possède une légère touche d’acidité. Il est corsé, mais délicatement pointu. Idéal pour ceux d’entre vous qui aiment le café avec du caractère.


16 avis pour Mélange Gamache

  1. Nancy Mayville (client confirmé)

    This coffee is my favourite to drink. It has a pleasing aroma and taste I enjoy. Thanks Virgin Hill!

  2. Louise Trahan (client confirmé)

    Je l’ai bien apprécié

  3. Chantal Poirier (client confirmé)

    My Aunt and Uncle introduced us this coffee. My husband and I absolutely Loooooove Gamache Blend. It is so delicious that it does not even need milk or sugar. It is full of flavor and honestly one of our absolute favorites. When we introduce it to our friends they fall in love with it too.

    I think everyone should give this one a try! Wish it would come in larger quantities ? Don’t be scared to try it, it will be love at first sip! ?

  4. Roma Stewart (client confirmé)

    I look forward every morning to grinding fresh coffee beans and waking up to the mellow fragrance of my favorite Gamache blend! I have given it to friends as gifts and they love it as well!

  5. Nancy Mayville (client confirmé)

    I enjoy my morning cups of Gamache Blend coffee everyday! It’s smooth and rich and gets my day off to a wonderful start. Thank you Virgin Hill Coffee Roasters. ❤️

  6. Abigail Jersey (client confirmé)

    I love the Gamache Blend. It is rich and smooth and hits the spot. I’m also very guilty of drinking the Gamache Blend while reading Louise Penny’s Gamache Book Series, the perfect combo of local support. I do wish this blend came in larger size bags because it would be my go-to coffee in the morning, every morning.

  7. Andrew Pulsifer (client confirmé)

    Its a good flavored coffee, no bitterness. I prefer a bolder coffee. I bought a few different blends and am trying out.

  8. Danielle Cousineau (client confirmé)

    Nous aimons beaucoup le goût de ce café, riche en saveur.

  9. JEANNE WASHBURN (client confirmé)

    I have been buying this blend for a few years now; each time it makes a wonderful cup of coffee!! I have more coming any day, too…Am so glad I can buy this, even tho I am here in the Pacific Northwest!

  10. cheryl Bertoia (client confirmé)

    As a Louise Penny fan, I was anxious to try this special blend. It did not disappoint! Robust flavour without any acidic bit, and the caffeine hit is delivered in smooth, non-jittery manner. Home delivery (both first and second time) was fast and efficient. Each package came with a lovely little note. Much appreciated!

  11. Nancy Mayville (client confirmé)

    Excellent coffee! Always smooth and flavourful.

  12. Ruthanne Lea (client confirmé)

    I am loving the coffee. I also like the pour over maker and matching canister.

  13. Lauren Drzewiecki (client confirmé)

    This is a beautiful coffee. The aroma and flavor is very full and rich for a medium roast. I’m usually a dark roast drinker but I think I will have to by this again.

    -A fan from Vancouver Island

  14. Chantal Poirier Janigan (client confirmé)

    The Gamache blend is so incredible that I don’t even need to add milk or sugar to it (and I am a true double double kind of woman). This is by far one of our family favorites. It’s like a hug in your mouth.

    (Oh and even with cream and sugar It’s incredible… I just always try coffee black to get It’s true flavor)

  15. John Russell Binning (client confirmé)

    Good morning coffee, easy on the pallet.

  16. Hans Andersson

    Love the coffee. My wife, an avid Gamache fan, ordered beans for me. Can you tell me the source and type of beans in this blend? Thank you

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