Honey WB

Locally sourced honey


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Honey is the product of flowers’ nectar which honeybees collect & deposit as honey inside their hexagon-shaped cells. Our honey is cold-extracted (by cold stainless-steel centrifuge) right after our seasonal harvests.

When honey is heated it loses many of its nutritional & beneficial qualities, flavors and aromas. So we keep our honey like nature intended; always raw, natural, local and fresh.

​Honeybees generally fly within 3km of their beehives, gathering the nectar of the local flowers, making each honey unique to the area where the beehives are located. The species of local flowers directly impacts the honey and is responsible for that particular honey’s taste and aroma.

There are many benefits to raw honey; honey contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral, allergy-reducing, energy-boosting properties.


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