Do it yourself Latte Kit

Yes! You can absolutely make a great latte in the comfort of your own home!


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We often get asked if it’s possible to make a great latte at home but without the expensive machines. And the answer is a resounding YES! With this kit you will have everything you need. A Bialetti (AKA stove-top espresso maker/moka pot) is a fantastic way to pull an excellent espresso for the base of your latte. This Italian brand, Bialetti, has been around for over 100 years and the design has barely changed. It’s very easy to maintain and the parts are easily found and replaced. Add to this base a beautiful frothed milk made with the included Bodum milk frother and you’ll have yourself the perfect latte in just a few minutes. The kit also contains a bag of Virgin Hill espresso, ground precisely for the Bialetti. This is a perfect gift for yourself or a coffee-loving friend!


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