ROCKET R58 Cinquantotto

Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto – New Double Boiler Espresso machine
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Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto – New Double Boiler Espresso machine

The latest edition of Rocket’s legendary R58 double boiler Espresso Machine is now elevated to even higher level with the introduction of R Cinquantotto.

The multiple functions and programming features of the newly designed Rocket Cinquantotto dual boiler Espresso Machine are controlled by a new stylish Full Colour LCD Touch-Pad control board. The Touch pad is easily detachable if space is of concern.

The independently operated copper boilers allowing for optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style.The inclined boiler technology and sophisticated digital temperature control means precise group temperature adjustment and unprecedented levels of temperature stability.

The R Cinquantotto is equipped with Rotary pump and is plumb-in ready. Other improvements include digital shot timer just above the left gauge, chrome nickel feet and newly designed cup Frame Railing

Included are the following Items:

Two Portafilter Handles with Single Spout and Double spout
Single and double ground coffee baskets
Stainless Steel Blind Filter
58mm Rocket Metal Tamper
Free One Year Red Carpet Warranty Service

Specs and usage:

Dual boiler technology
Programmable PID – Digital temperature control of both boilers
Digital Touch Pad include Eco mode and multiple features on display
Smooth slide drip tray to redue any vibration noise
E61 Grouphead
1.8 Litres (Full Size) Copper Steam / Hot water boiler
0.58 Litres Copper dedicated Coffee Boiler with adjustable temperature control
Rotary pump with direct water and drain connection option
Steam Boiler pressure gauge
Brew Pressure Gauge
“No-burn” steam and Hot water wands
Hi Efficiency Boiler insulation
On/off switching of Steam boiler via Touch Pad
2.8 Litres Water tank
Low water level shut-off
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Mfr. Warranty.
110V / 1600 Watts, 15 Amp
Weight 29 kg (63.8 lbs)
Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height: 31.0 x 44 x 38.5 cm (12.2 x 17.3 x 15.2)

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