Did you know that 81% of North Americans drink coffee on a daily basis? It’s the reason we are seeing an increase in groups and organizations turning to the multi-billion dollar a year coffee market in Canada as a method of raising funds for their organization.


Virgin Hill Coffee is a family owned and operated company. We have experienced the importance of fundraising drives for school clubs, sport teams, and community groups. We wish to make fundraising easier so that the next generation can actively pursue their interests. We provide you with the finest selection of freshly roasted coffee and an easy to follow ordering form to assist in maximizing your fundraising capabilities.

How it works:

After expressing your interest in our fundraising opportunity we will send your school or organization packets containing an order form, list of available coffees and a description of the program. The no risk fundraising method that Virgin Hill Coffee has developed helps your organization to pre-sell the coffee and then place your order with Virgin Hill Coffee. This method ensures that your organization isn’t left with over stock that cuts into the profits for the fundraising campaign. As long as you continue to fundraise and sell coffee, you will continue to benefit from every bag of coffee sold.

Why it works:

Coffee is the second most commonly consumed drink (next to water) by Canadians. The average 2.6 cups a day consumed by Canadians indicates that a demand exists for coffee. Our gourmet coffee is freshly roasted to suit the taste of each individual client. We roast the coffee in small quantities, let it out gas and then grind and package to ensure the freshest quality of coffee for our clients. Our coffee comes in conveniently sized packages so the client can always have fresh coffee and try different varieties. Our gourmet coffees also make a thoughtful gift at dinner parties, the holidays and at special occasions. All these factors, combined with the fact that the fund raising organization dictates how much is made per bag, ensures the success of the fundraising campaign.

Virgin Hill Coffee would be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have on our program. If you would like to receive samples of our coffee or more information please don’t hesitate to call toll free 1-800-516-8422