Cold Brew Coffee – an easy summer treat!

Cold brew coffee has become the summer drink of choice. It requires a bit of preparation but it’s super easy to make! 

1)      1 cup of ground coffee (Virgin Hill filter/regular grind is recommended)

2)      4 cups of cold, filtered water

3)      Stir REALLY well

4)      Pour into mason jar or preferably a French press (Bodum type)

5)      Store in fridge for 12-14 hours

6)      If using a French press, simply push the plunger down but if you’re using a mason jar you need an extra piece – you can make your own coffee filterer using a piece of cotton or muslin or by putting a regular coffee filter over a mason jar and secure it using the outer rim of the mason jar (leave the cover off), make a little groove and slowly pour the coffee through the filter

homemade filter 6f21ecf1 8b8c 49f2 aa18 54c3695bdf3c compact | Cold Brew Coffee – an easy summer treat! | Virgin Hill Coffee

7)      You can pour it over ice or serve as-is. A dash of cream makes it lovely!

8)      Lasts in the fridge for up to 2 weeks


We would recommend using our Knowlton blend, Ripplecove or Memphre. Make sure it’s a regular filter grind.

Hope you’re having a delightful summer so far!

coffee small | Cold Brew Coffee – an easy summer treat! | Virgin Hill Coffee